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Unlock 10X Sales Growth Potential with AI-Powered Wise-Sales

Maximize efficiency and revolutionize your sales strategy with Wise-Sales’ AI technology. Tailored for plastics, metals, and electronics industries, our solutions drive unprecedented sales performance

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Wise Sales


Stanford Venture Studio

Empowering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Through Venture Studio Incubator

Cardinal Ventures

Driving Success Through Cardinal Ventures Accelerator Program

IG Capital

Part of the IG Capital Accelerator, driving innovation and growth in the digital landscape.

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Wise-Sales is pivotal in accelerating Interstate’s journey towards 10x sales growth, streamlined processes through automation, and optimized profitability. Together, we’re forging a path of innovation and success.

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Our Mission

Revolutionizing the sales industry through automation and technology by transforming work into an engaging and efficient experience.


Our vision is to be the unseen force powering successful sales teams, seamlessly integrating technology to automate operational tasks and prioritizing human interaction.

We aspire to create a future where technology handles the tasks humans prefer not to, allowing for a greater focus on the human element and fostering deeper connections beyond technology

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